How to rename wp-content folder without any error

WP-CONTENT Folder customization  How to rename wp-content folder without any error WP CONTENT

Today I am gonna tell you how to rename wp-content folder without any future errors in your website. Customizing default WordPress directory structure may be little painful if you are not aware of its consequences and future issues, and these future problems can be on your way only when you didn’t implement your customization a proper way. So I have made it very easy for you and you can complete this task very easily on any WordPress website. Watch this video and it will guide you through every single step to achieve this customization on your WordPress website. But please follow carefully which is told in the video otherwise you may face errors.

Now you are required to add a few lines of codes to achieve this customization in your WordPress. So Please copy all the codes given below and paste them to your wp-config.php file given in the root directory of your WordPress installation.

/* New Directory name for wp-content */
define ('WP_CONTENT_FOLDERNAME', 'dir');

/* Directing WordPress to New WP-Content folder name */

/* Fixing URL Breakdown for plugins and themes */
define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/');

/* Creating a new folder for other files like media, pdf etc instead of default "Uploads" folder */
define( 'UPLOADS', ''.'files' );


I would like to give one more advise that will clear your confusion when you go for wp-content folder customization.

If you are trying to implement this direction modification in your localhost server then sometimes, it may not work because of the server url. I have tested it several times and most of the time, I got errors and it failed. So whenever you go for making this customization then I recommend you to either use this stuff in a live server with a subdomain or in the main domain. But if you don’t have a domain and server ready then you can use Localhost server as well.

You can set up a custom domain name in your localhost server that will work as a live domain name and you can access your website right from there. Please read this blog post to get to know how you can do that.

I hope you enjoyed this video and got your WordPress wp-content folder customized.



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